Born: 2 April 1889, Pickworth, Lincolnshire. Died: Toronto, Canada, 9th January 1886, aged 61. Major Hoey was one of only two Canadians to be awarded the Victoria Cross in the War against Japan. The full story of Charles Sharpe's bravery, is told in 'The History of the Lincolnshire Regiment 1914 to 1918', and 'VCs of the First World War - the Western Front 1915' by Peter F. Batchelor and Christopher Matson. On 9 September 1943, the 6th Battalion landed at Salerno (Italy) and Lieutenant Brunt was given command of No.9 Platoon in A Company. You could not wonder at it for their artillery was shelling us for all they was worth, and the bullets came as if it was raining them. William Hall, a Nova Scotian, was the first black recipient of the Victoria Cross. The unit subsequently moved South East to establish a base in a farm near the river Asa. Recommended reading; 'All for Valour - The Story of Captain John Brunt VC MC' by Richard Snow (1996). His VC and other medals were purchased by South Kesteven District Council at Christie's auction rooms in London for £17,000 in 1989 and are on display in the Mayor's Parlour in Grantham. London Gazette Issue 36518 published on the 16 May 1944. Page 791. Dempsey made his way through the burning buildings with the powder bag, ignoring the hot sparks settling around him and the bullets from enemy sharpshooters. The efforts of the army now turned to pacification of the area and the hunting down of the remaining rebels. He worked for a while as assistant garden instructor at an approved school - Hereward Camp - in Bourne. He transferred to the 1st Battalion of the Lincolnshires, and sailed to India in September 1937. Evans was originally awarded the Victoria Cross under the assumed name of "Walter Simpson". This was made all the more special as they were also celebrating Minden Day in honour of their most important Battle Honour. Why not add your unit or sub-unit name or perhaps dates and your regiment. On 9 December 1944, Captain Brunt's platoon was dug-in around a house near Faenza, Italy. printed in Germany. Timothy O'Hea, a 23-year-old Irishman in the British army, fought a fire in a railway car containing 900 kilograms of ammunition stationed at Danville, Quebec during the Fenian raids. The plan was to blast a hole behind the enemy position. Cpl Charles Sharpe was in charge of a bombing party sent forward to take a section of a German trench. London Gazette Issue 22347 published on the 20 January 1860. Wilkinson lived in Vancouver and enlisted in a Vancouver unit Overseas, he transeferred to the British Army. [Extract from "The British Army and Auxiliary Forces" Colonel C. Cooper King, R.M.A., 1894.]. Still we shall have to wait and see." "I'm living in Valenciennes (France) and I have a photograph showing the King George V presenting a medal to Sergent Arthur Evans in Valenciennes on December 3; 1918 (the legend do not say what medal). A. 7 th Royal Fusiliers, now the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. London Gazette Issue 36190 published on the 28 September 1943. The assault on Lucknow began on 1st March and continued for over two weeks. 1995 to 1999. (The Victoria Cross). Throughout the raid he showed outstanding powers of leadership and though delayed by several accidents on the way, succeeded in getting his force into Maungdaw and inflicting casualties on the enemy. Survivors of the 2nd Lincolns and Irish Rifles reached the village, pushing past it en route to their ultimate objective of the road beyond. Ldr. The stated object of the Charity is the relief of persons who are: • in need, hardship or distress and • are serving or former members of The Royal Anglian Regiment or Former Regiments and dependents of such persons. The Victoria Cross (VC) is the highest award of the United Kingdom honours system.It is awarded for gallantry "in the face of the enemy" to members of the British armed forces.It may be awarded posthumously. After much campaigning by local residents, the pub reverted back to the John Brunt VC in 2001 but it never had its swinging pub sign replaced. After proceeding some distance, machine-gun and rifle fire was opened on the patrol, and the officer was wounded. Finally he was a Sergeant with 243rd Training Reserve Battalion (20353). A crossing over the river was subsequently found, the officer and one man of his patrol joined him, and reconnaissance was continued along the river bank.