You should see some improvement after 2-4 weeks. 2.what type of sunscreen(SPF 30,50,75,100) i have to use? How long addressed, rooted the product exclusive on Components, the naturally, carefully selected and digestible are. I’m not sure if that is the cause of your issues but you could try Meladerm. Since I am suffering from hyper pigmentation, I really want to use this product but don’t want to take any risk. My query is the same if i stop apply Meladerm whether my skin get darker or not. It is imperative that Meladerm users test themselves for allergic reactions, as this could be a more harmful side effect. I have been using this cream for 3_4 month.. Is this normal? I have some queries,1.I think if I stop using it,my melanin production will start again…So,if I want to use it for life time with a sunblock,will it be safe? Yes you can still remove facial hair when using Meladerm. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly…if unlikely but serious side effects occur: blistering, skin cracking, blue-black darkening of the skin”. Hi I guess it was due to the discontinuation of the cream. It is purchased online. or as a last step to my current skin regimen on the top of oils? Over a few months your skin will gradually appear more brighter. Thanks for the article. Some people are ultra sensitive to Meladerm which causes them to experience minor blemishes and/or peeling when they first start using it. ?or not please answer me. I’m 16 years old can I use this cream ??? Hi, can this cream be used to lighten areas not exposed to the sun, like the nipples? If you think it is causing skin rashes maybe stop using it and see if the condition improves. Hi. My skin is sensitive so is there side effect if using both please reply thanks. where I can get one if Singapore carry this product. It is recommended to carry out a test when using a new product and it’s not hard to do this little test. Hydroquinone was barred by the FDA in 2006 after it was found that this element is a potential cancer causing agent. The only real issue a user could face is potential yet rare allergic reaction to … Im 15 years old with smooth skin without any spots . Meladerm cream is a natural cream made from natural ingredients that is known to reduce pigmentation, dark spots, scars and skin discoloration. All articles said the same thing: (toner) watery texture first, followed by light essence, then semi viscous texture like serum, creamy moisturizer, facial oil and lastly mineral sunscreen. Most people will see noticeable results with Meladerm in 2-4 weeks and achieve good results in 2-3 months. Some would say that Meladerm is too good to be true. Night: Double cleanse, Alternate days OTC Retinol, 1/2 weekly AHA Peel. It contains all natural ingredients that lighten the skin. I am very keen to use your product, however I have a few questions. Meladerm Side Effects Explained. Skin Lightening Cream Although there are benefits to using whitening creams there are dangers as well. It is suitable for all skin types unless you have super sensitive skin. Some people continue to use Meladerm from time to time to maintain their desired skin tone. It depends on the skin condition you are treating. Ingredients Of Meladerm Lightening Cream. iam a medium complection person ,if i use meladerm cream howlong that i have to use to get a result? Although it is usually suitable for all skin types, some people have very sensitive skin which might react to the product. will it cause any side effects for me on my skin. Meladerm Side Effects Frankly, there isn’t any man-made product in the world that hasn’t any side effects. Also, Civant has constructed a website specially made to explain the possible Meladerm side effects. The makers of Meladerm, Civant, have delightfully shown off their remarkable beauty product to the world. All things considered, Meladerm cream show minimal side effects for normal people and when you have experience previous skin problems with other product, you may want to really ensure you get your skin specialist recommendation before start using it. But since the cream is highly effective, it can make your skin sensitive to the UV rays, similar to a person with fair skin. If the hyperpigmentation is deeper down you might need to use it again from time to time to maintain the effects. I am afraid to use something because sometimes it irritates my underarms. $70. and how to get this product easily at chennai ? i am from Nepal, i had melasma on entire face. It is recommended that you wash your skin first and then apply an even layer of Meladerm to the affected area. Meladerm can be used on all parts of the body to lighten the skin. I just have few queries. Hi i have melasma and I am using some cream that contain hydroquinone suggested by dermatologist but when I discontinue my melasma get more bigger and darker so now I want to use meladerm but one question that if discontinue meladerm what will happen with my skin? Hi Angela, Hi Laila. Make sure you are also using a good sunscreen. I started using meladerm 3 weeks ago. I have a problem that ,day by day Hi. Do you think, it is the skin condition that is causing the symptoms? There are many skin lightening recipes online. I have used a number of different products and some have worked (e.g,. I had used skin light for three years and it worked. Hi , I was suffering from pigmentation for many years because I never used sunblock .later I started to use skin shine cream , which made my skin look visibily fair . Should I stop using it. I am 15 year old and have a fair skin with ache, freckles and ache spot ……….. can i use meladerm cream?????????? I’m an African . Meladerm may also be used for purposes not listed in Meladerm guide. Nd 2.If I want to conceive,how many days before conception I should stop using it? I got acne and now acne is cleared but They left red colour acne scars.can I use meladerm. Now my skin is itchy and burns. A good sunscreen should not react with Meladerm. If everything is there, the ratio should not exceed 2%. Meladerm is formulated to lighten the overall complexion of the skin by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation associated with sun damage. How Does Meladerm Compare To Other Skin Lighteners? I feel like a burning sensation on my skin and itch. Agatha, how I can I get this meladerm in nigeria. You must limit sun exposure and use a good quality sunscreem while you are using this product to help maintain results also. Know Meladerm 10Mg Tablet uses, side-effects, composition, substitutes, drug interactions, precautions, dosage, warnings only on You could also contact the manufacturer at Civant Skin Care (via their website online) to check with them about using it on your lips. Meladerm can be used twice a day, morning and night if desired. Meladerm cream CBD oil shows: Effects doable, but prevent errors Side effects of the product meladerm cream CBD oil. The active ingredients Convince with the help of their well-considered Selection and Composition. Hi, It does not include any hydroquinone, steroids or mercury or steroids in our products. Some people stop using the product then but they might use it again to maintain results. Meladerm has been proven to be a safe and effective skin lightener, with a loyal band of satisfied customers, which is why the product continues to thrive in the market today. HI Angela clare, I haven’t been using sun block due to the weather, also sunblock clogs my pores and causes spots. Civant Skin Care offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product. The Natural Ingredients of Meladerm Skin Lightener. Civant Skin Care has fully exposed the possible Meladerm side effects. I am pretty positive about the cream now but here are a few questions i wanna address before i lean to it for my concerns. I started using meladerm cream 3 weeks ago and it was fine. Hi This product contains all natural ingredients and is safe to use. I used cosmolite cream before it gives good results later when i stop using that my skin becomes more darken.