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One component, low-pressure polyurethane adhesive for instaling polystyrene boards for thermal insulation by the light-wet method KNAUFMANN is a foam adhesive for dry wall and polystyrene isused for fixing polystyrene boards when insulating outer walls of newly erected and thermorenovated buildings.

The installed polystyrene boards may be polished and pinned approx 2 hours after application, then a reinforced mesh layer may be installed. Properties: Knaufmann foam adhesive for dry wall and polystyrene has good adhesion to all known construction materials. The cured adhesive foam is semihard, flexible, resistant to humidity, non-wearing and resistant to temperatures in the range from -100°C to +100°C. The adhesive foam does not lose its properties with years but it is not resistant to UV radiation. The thermal and sound insulation parameters are excellent.

Dane techniczne:
Duration of storage 18 months
Hardening perdiod 10 - 12 min.
Cured Adhesive 60 min.
Adhesion of z EPS* 0,033 N/mm²
Adhesion of XPS** 0,039 N/mm²
Density 20 - 25 kg/m³
Fire resistance of rigid foam adhesive B2 (DIN 4102-1)
Decrase the volume no data
Swell 5%
Ignition temp. of hardened foam adhesive 400°C
Tensile 10 N/cm² (BS 5241)
Compressive strength at 10% deformation 4 N/cm² (DIN 53421)
Thermal transmittance cieplna 0,03 W/m·K
Sound attenuation coefficient RST,w = 60 dB
Resistance of rigid foam adhesive to a temperature
long term:
short term:
-50°C to +90°C
-65°C to +130°C
Performance 750 ml/5-6m² ściany

*EPS -  Expanded Polystyrene
**XPS -  Extruded Polystyrene.

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