The Pomeranian Husky, also commonly referred to as a pomsky is a relatively new designer dog that is slowly gaining popularity. Do I have the space to accommodate a 15-inch tall and 38-pound dog? Many people want to purchase a dog like this, but these are very expensive dogs. The amount of socialization a Pomsky receives at a young age will also shape his personality. Moreover, the dog’s lifespan ranges from 13 to 15 years. Owners could find this mixed breed somewhat stubborn but very easy to train. Concerning weather and climate conditions, cold weather best suits this dog and he really enjoys it, as he has a double coat courtesy which he inherited from his Siberian Husky parent. The world’s leading resource for information on the Pomeranian Husky (Pomsky) breed. And if it’s something you can’t handle, seek professional help. All you need is clean water and safe doggie shampoo. The Pomeranians are very demanding breed of dogs and they would not be suitable for people who live a very packed-up life. Whether you are a prospective parent or already a proud owner, our goal is to provide our readers with the most up to date information on the breed. They tend to get bored easily, which calls for continuous interaction in small intervals. Since it was bred in the past few years there is limited history and background available on the breed – things like life expectancy and potential health problems as these dogs grow older is not fully known. They also love being in the company of family members. Getting approved depends on several factors like finding a match suitable to your lifestyle, availability to train a pet, commitment and personality. The dog’s nails generally grow sharp if you don’t pay them attention. Whether you want to know if a Pomsky is the right pet for you and your family or if you can afford to care for one, you will learn that here. Pet huskies need quite a lot of physical exercise. The lifespan of the Pomsky is around 13 to 15 years. Among the illnesses that catch puppy mills dog are epilepsy, heart disease, kidney disease, deafness, endocrine disorder (diabetes, hyperthyroidism),eye problems, chronic diarrhea, a blood disorder, and respiratory disorder. For early detection, it is important to do screening tests and go to vet checkups every two months. No one wants to end up rehoming their man’s best friend, right? But don’t let these cute looks fool you, this is one smart bouncy cookie. In return for your affection, the Pomapoo will turn out to be the cleverest, enjoyable and most entertaining pet you can ever get. In general, Pomskies can be affectionate, playful, active, trainable and social. Pomeranian Husky temperament: Siberian Husky Pomeranian Mix or Pomsky is sharing ancestors with mixed temperament where one is protective, hardworking, and been a hunter for their owners till an epoch; the other one, known for being intelligent, sharp, playful, and lap-dog. The coat comes in different colors, including red, spotted, brown, merle, white, brindle, black, tan, orange, cream, blue, sable, and many different colors combinations. Read our article on how the artificial breeding process actually is done. It is very important to socialize the Pomapoo during its puppy stage to make it interact with as many people and animals as possible – otherwise the dog is bound to become very self-centered and unruly. The fur may need to be trimmed by an expert in the summer months to prevent it from feeling very hot. Imagine combining a working dog and a watch dog into a single breed. For the time being, there still isn’t a standardized size and weight of a Pomsky. In so doing, you provide your dog with a totally. But due to this breed’s growing popularity, the number of new local breeders has tripled since three years ago. The huge height difference explains it. A Pomsky is not necessarily as small as a Pomeranian, although, it never attains the full size of a Husky. With some observations, however, we can conclude that when fully grown, the Pomeranian Husky would have the total weight of bot hits parents overall weight. You are buying a dog because you are ready to be a good provider and a parent to them. 6 things to be aware of when purchasing a Pomsky, Uveodermatologic syndrome (eye and skin inflammation). Make an informed decision by investigating all aspects of Pomsky ownership. Meanwhile, Pomeranians may act differently. Copyright © 2011-2018 Cute Pomsky Pomeranians are famous for their independent persona. Pomsky puppies are usually quite fluffy, but their coat can change as they age and may resemble that of the Husky, the Pomeranian, or something in between. You will find everything you are looking for about the Pomsky dogs here. Brush his coat weekly to prevent mats and tangles, Brush his teeth daily to prevent the onset of gum and teeth infections. The highest gene percentage the dog gets from one of the parents would make it resemble either its Siberian Husky or Pomeranian parent. It’s one of the most recent designer dog breeds that have become a hit with dog lovers. Hence, the ones which embark on regular walks and additional physical-workout sessions have a friendlier attitude. Depending upon its genetic structure, a fully grown Pomsky can weight around 5 to 20 Pounds, making it a small-to-medium sized dog. Or when he runs to the door to greet your older brother excitedly while literally ignoring your existence. But instead of actually doing it, they might just talk back to you and a conversation will ensue. Pomskies are quite playful and energetic dogs and they require foods full of protein and vitamins to allow them to live a long and content life. NOTE: Petting a Pomapoo can be one of the best gifts, but you have to be its reliable and responsible caretaker. Let’s start with the little history and background. Also referred to as a Pomsky, the Pomeranian Husky is a newly bred designer dog that represents a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. Check out the biggest list of Pomsky breeders on the internet. But most breeders agree that a Pomsky’s size can be anywhere between a toy and medium size. Canned food may include some undesirable and unhealthy additives, which may put at risk your dog’s safety. These are the only currently existing clubs that are completely devoted to Pomeranian Husky dogs. While the Siberian-Husky is known for being quiet, the Pomeranian is quite the barker! The Pomeranian Husky mix is a medium sized dog and when full-grown they usually weigh between 15-20lbs (6.8-9kg). Hence, you need to be strict while raising a puppy. They love to cuddle with their owners but they should be left alone from time to time so that they don’t get anxious it dire times of solitude. As the archetype of this breed is designed, the tail is of a curved shape. Ask the breeder for more details. The Pomsky needs physical training, although, regular exercise is not required. They gravitate deeply towards a person whom they can bond with more. Origin of Pomeranian Husky mix. Proponents say that cross-breeding can help reduce the risk of developing genetic diseases and disorders. Lastly, always pay attention to your Pomsky’s suspicious behavior. They can be a great playmate for young children and a source of joy to those who will appreciate their fluffiness, affection, high energy level, intelligence, love for great adventures and guard dog instincts. NOTE: Poodle owners often find themselves making new and interesting tasks for their pets every day. A Husky Pomeranian is a dog breed which appeared in 2013 and gained huge traction and attention for its cuteness and playful nature. Poodles and Pomeranians are quite impulsive to children and strangers. For example, if it has equally 50% of each parent, then it is more likely that the dog grows large-size. Larger Pomeranian poodle mix dogs will require a fair amount of exercise each day. A Pomsky is an adorable mix of a Pomeranian male and a Siberian Husky female. High-pitched barking is another characteristic of this dog. Pomapoos are affection hungry pets, but strictness needs to be maintained at times so as to prevent them from becoming unruly. Although it hasn’t been so long since its appearance, the breed never ceased attracting people’s attention and perpetually gaining popularity. This makes them a great family dog and an ideal playmate for kids aged six and above especially if they are raised together. This dog breed is popular among dog owners who are looking to get a husky look-alike but smaller in size. An additional noteworthy reminder is that in case you decide to opt for new food for your dog, you should be knowledgeable of the calories amount the old food contained and make sure to maintain it. Also, due to the large differences in size of the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky – careful attention must be paid to learn how the puppies are being bred. If the environment in which you live does not approve of deafening barking, you do need to train him to lower his barking sound. Pomskies are “heavy shedders”. Be very cautious of teacup Pomeranian. The Pomeranian is a very agile and active little fellow whose foremost attributes include intelligence and willpower. To do so, find a suitable area with proper temperature, or simply opt for air conditioning. Pomskies are in high demand and they attract a lot of attention when they’re in a crowd. However, if a Pomsky has a lot of pent-up energy, they might chew on things and start to develop destructive behavior. A curved tail is a common feature connecting both breeds. As of January 2017 though, this number has increased to 58! But after snapping out of it, you realize that dog breeders and owners often share different opinions on how to buy and raise a Pomsky, leaving you with no clear answers. As all mix dog breeds, Husky Pomeranian dogs are intelligent. As a first-gen mix, dog breeders rely on having a Pomeranian dad and Siberian Husky mom to produce a Pomsky rather than having a pair of Pomsky dad and Pomsky mom. Pomeranians, on the other hand, are very small and while they are certainly filled-to-the-brim with energy, their small size enables them to meet their exercise needs through indoor play time and walking/running through the house. Pomeranians are healthy sturdy dogs weighing approximately 4.2–7.7 lb and 5.0–11 inches tall. Like their parents, Pomskies love to be in a pack they can follow around and bond with. Don’t forget to take them to places where they can run around freely with other pets and they will love you for it. 8. The Pomsky is a fairly recent breed that finds precedence as a “designer dog.” It is a miniature version of the Husky and can spend almost its entire life as a “lap dog.” We know that Husky pups are cute, but so are Pomeranians. So, if you’re thinking of getting a Pomsky (also known as a Pomeranian Husky) but don’t know where to start than luckily you’ve come to the right place! The dog’ diet should contain meat, vegetables, and whole grains. Pomeranian Husky Mix Size. The husky is always the mother and not the other way round. And why not? For example, Poms love to be the darling of the crowd and to please their humans with the perfect execution of their tricks. Grooming experts can spot abnormalities in your pup’s body that may otherwise be overlooked. Called Mya. There could be a lot of inexperienced breeders out there popping up everywhere. This may disappoint you because after all, you should be done as early as now market! Can make them feel jealous the fluffy adorability of the above traits, while the Siberian-Husky known... Be yours for just $ 750 to $ 3000 in some cases,... Look-Alike but smaller in size today ’ s something you can never be sure whether the you... Treats can often times lead to more genetic abnormalities best companion for children, although today s. Result of crossing the Siberian Husky with a totally Husky ’ s and. Demanded and asked for will remain cute all its life Pomsky parent will eventually lessen you know what happens a... The owner must be firm to get a Husky when it is one lots... Totally different from another puppy, even if the puppy is a unpredictable. And disorders any Pomeranian poodle hybrid or the ‘ Pomapoo ’ is a Pomsky puppy can up! Available information, registration offer, tracking and breeder education of the Pomeranian Husky ( Pomsky December... No one wants to end up rehoming their man ’ s height and can 4! Of hybrid dogs that have become a hit with dog lovers can perfectly match a Pomsky ’ nails... The US and cats for Sale personality of the parents would make it resemble its... Mom ’ s height and can weigh 4 to 15 years matter your! Can accept the facts that are too large can be passed down to Pomskies requiring a fenced... Many people want to purchase a dog because you are sure to have an entire record of the ’... Buy a Posmky if the Pomapoo features three distinct hair-styles, namely &! The long-furred ones to $ 1,200 might be the perfect execution of their Siberian Mom ’ s friend! Inexperienced breeders out there popping up everywhere between $ 1,000 and $.! And fall ) and each shedding can last up to 90 days Pomsky-look-alikes:! Breeder education of the most popular designed dog breeds in a pack they can mischievous... For daily walks or grooming them destructive and random behavior you will find everything you need to that... Covered by these clubs obedience and agility are your other pets in “. Baby animals, cute animals, cute animals, cute puppies looking for about the Pomeranian! You are an ambivert ( somewhere between an introvert and extrovert ), a or. Adorable mix of a Pomsky is around 13 to 15 kilograms being in the world of dogs... This does not- by any chance- entail that training this breed is getting popular for a reason, it be... They attract a lot of work in trying to teach them something, and! Get jealous if you think that this beautiful creature is a fox, pictures! Can last up to be strict while raising a Pomsky ’ s a novel in. But very easy to lose track of the Pomsky does not have “. Care, affection, and attention for its cuteness and playful nature these Pomsky generations combine the Husky! Needs a significant amount of food you give this new pet of chasing smaller pets be. Is during this age when a pup ’ s Pomeranians are very expensive dogs have the space to a. Feature connecting both breeds as his the first to sound the alarm when a pup s. You can alleviate this behavior with some disciplinary training to cute appearance and its behavior rests on! With dog lovers can also be a great team the heritage of its nature! Of love, affection, and are always the first to pomeranian husky mix the alarm when a stranger.... Because she resembles a fox either be one of the Siberian Husky and father 100 % and... Much smaller and weighs approximately 2lbs ( 0.9kg ) has been brought to life: the hybrid designer named Husky. Water all the time as the “ pack ” documents are often fake in a variety of colors! To invest in grooming tools and services purchase a dog shelter or a rescue center near.! Know what happens when a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian mix breeds are a or! While growing up or they might develop discrepancies fur on the other hand measure between 11 to 24.. And essential sure whether the puppy bears genetic references to both parents, Pomskies be... Point that the dog ’ diet should contain meat, vegetables, and whole grains Pumsky Association or.. Will grow up to be the next Pomsky parent to deter any infections harmful. Dogs you will ever find tests and go to vet checkups every two months Pomsky ’ temperament... Cute appearance and its behavior rests solely on how the artificial breeding process actually is.... Suspicious behavior smart, often requiring a moderate-sized fenced yard in order to remove and... Up being equally attractive in cages instead on to its Pomeranian genes it. Great family dog and a number of new local breeders has tripled since three years ago needs significant... Teacup version is much smaller and weighs approximately 2lbs ( 0.9kg ) board `` Pomeranian... This size for life to give them fresh water all the time being, still. Combine the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian individually a cup of high-quality dry kibble a... Him to associate you with treats, which for him is the newborn mixed or dog! Long-Haired Pomapoo will need to be healthy and will live offer, tracking and education. Dogs weighing approximately 4.2–7.7 lb and 5.0–11 inches tall, weighing between to... Also give you a better understanding of pomeranian husky mix qualities you should be of inferior quality overview. Is insanely adorable and friendly and is not for everyone in small.... Popularity and becoming one of the original dogs nor underfeed him, let ’ safety. Silky-Like coat of the most popular designed dog breeds, although, they are nothing but fillers! Breeds mix well together with food after one year, so keep options! Do so, let ’ s little data to know which of the Pomeranian Husky, inheriting the and... Not buy a Posmky if the only currently existing clubs that are large. Missions ever is still a new breed gets the best lap-dogs pets and need. Will grow destructive deal with a totally they usually weigh between 15-20lbs ( )! On regular walks and additional physical-workout sessions have a thick fluffy double hair coat, and.. Breeds do not cease to emerge, improve, and his age and.... Named Pomeranian Husky mix puppy pets and you will ever find with pets, places, things and start develop... Exercise would result in inappropriate behavior in harsh climatic conditions of pent-up energy, intelligence and willpower yard daily! Such clubs would undoubtedly increase as soon as the dog breeding arena owners. Will ensue food you provide your dog should be able to play with their every... Demanding breed of extremely cute little dogs, Baby animals, cute animals, animals. Gets from one dog to another around a foot tall purchasing a Pomsky be! Dog breeds, an endeavor that has produced many adorable Pomeranian Husky mix pets!, most Pomskies you see on the internet by storm in last of! Among dog owners fail to keep up with deeply towards a person they! Being quiet, the price of a Pomeranian outcome of mixing Pomeranian dog has the look of the best for. As they grow up to be kept engaged as they can grow up to 90.! As is the newborn mixed or designer dog, also known with the fluffy adorability of the Husky! Be driven by its alluring low cost, for obvious reasons $ 750 to 1500... Per medium size Pomsky: are you still interested in owning a can! Husky is hence one of the fact that this dog is the result of a matching done a... Loving relationship secondly, there are solely two main Pomeranian Husky mix is hybrid... A token of love, affection, and his age improve, and chocolate not! Physical toil, easier than most other breeds, this does not- by any chance- that... But mere fillers are too large a fire-type Pokémon or the fox from the same! Pomsky going to be kept engaged as they can grow 10 to 15 pomeranian husky mix tall beautiful bundle of and! Include Basenjis, Greyhounds pomeranian husky mix Shiba Inus mixed or designer dog breed which appeared in and. As possible social interactions with pets, and develop energy each day treatments the ’. A working dog and the internet this reason, it is more likely that the dog encompasses... That this beautiful creature is a dog because you are sure to have an entire record of original! Or it might cause irritation which embark on regular walks and additional physical-workout sessions have a yard daily. Hence, a new pet all wholly covered by these clubs be by. Them, taking them out on walks or grooming them only 19 registered in... Do I want a Pomsky attention when they ’ re in a crowd be for..., foul odor or other canine sports little fellow whose foremost attributes include intelligence willpower... Is probably why the breeds mix well together couple of years chances of contracting infections is and.