1. Following Dave’s instructions I have installed TP-Link Smartthings Manager in my SmartApps (IDE) (no device handlers are installed). ONLY one of the 3-way switch boxes has the ALWAYS HOT … I got some of these TP-Link wifi smart plugs on Amazon (US version / EU version), primarily to try out their Amazon Alexa integration.They work well enough and thanks to their terrible security, I was also able to rig up a Raspberry Pi script to control them with Amazon Dash buttons.. Hi Dave, Thank you for your work on the TP-Link products. The TP-Link Kasa HS220 works well with a dimmable LED with a maximum load of 150 watts and incandescent bulbs with a … tp link switch setup. Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch by TP-Link,Single Pole,Needs Neutral Wire,WiFi Light Switch for LED Lights,Works with Alexa and Google Assistant,UL certified, 3-pack(HS220P3) S$137.91 (S$27.36 / in) (1,914) 4. Any ideas? oh that is just wrong of them to sell a used/damaged packaging product as new. • Do not install the Smart Switch with wet hands or when standing on wet or damp surfaces. Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Display with Alexa - Charcoal $79.99; Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation - Heather Gray) $37.99; Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal $59.99 7 smart switches that won't f@!% up your smart bulbs. However I do have a requirement for some 3 way dimmers, which they don't have an option for. Rely on the Wi-Fi to keep this sleek dimmer switch working well. I removed the TP-Link Kasa linked account from Google Home - by logging into my google.com account, going into the “Manage your Google Account” section, selecting the “Security” tab at the top, scrolling down to the very bottom and … I am trying to use my newly configured Tp-Link switch in Rule Machine, specifically using the Poll command. So the product has a two year warranty, … Unmanaged switch, 24x 10/100/1000 RJ-45, 19" (TP-Link TL … Lutron Caseta Smart Home Dimmer Switch. I'd agree with you too but not necessarily for the same reason. Find the circuit breaker and turn off the or scan the QR code below to download the power. Finally figured out how to fix my issue linking my TP-Link Kasa WiFi outlets to Google Home. KASA application has been installed and is working correctly on my Samsung 8 (and IPAD). csburroughs (Charles Burroughs) November 21, 2018, 4:13pm #2. It does not however show up in both the device list of "Refresh and Poll" or "Poll". In addition, Electronic Low Voltage dimmers are typically a more expensive solution. The TP-Link Smarthings Manager is also … No boxes and electric wire caps included. 2. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch by TP-Link, Single Pole, Needs Neutral Wire, WiFi Light Switch for LED Lights, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, UL Certified, 3-Pack(HS220P3) at Amazon.com. I can turn on/off the light with the smart switch. [Showing just Poll] My understanding was 05-05-18 - Updated to remove "runEvery1Minute" and to add in "poll" command. 1 Download TP-LINK Kasa from App Store or Google Play. ... TP-Link - Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch / Dimmer - White. TP-Link Plugs not working in classic app but works in smartthings app. tp link switch not working. It does not dim properly or work with Alexa (aka wife is NOT happy that her husband bought 4 switches and one is not working). April 06, 2016 50 Comments. TP-Link Works with Alexa Sub Group 0 TP-Link Works with Alexa Sub Group 0. If you are going to use these devices, make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure needed to get them working, and the possibility that you could inadvertently render a device useless if the procedure fails. Unlike the dumb switches (and the Feit and CE smart switches), the HS200's plate is plastic (and not metal) so there no conductivity between the switch and the box via the screws. … I also have one TP-Link 3-way switch and a Dimmer 3-way switch in the same circuit, NOTE: To use a dimmer, you have to have the TP-Link smart switch on the HOT side of the two 3-way switches. My tp link dimmer works great, they're fairly inexpensive too which is a bonus. OR Scan QR code 2 Connect mobile device to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have a TP-Link ID, tap Create Account and the Kasa app will guide you through the rest. Wiring Z-Wave Switches: Do’s and Don’ts. Note: The Smart Switch only supports 2.4GHz networks. The Wemo device is not set up properly If not all of your devices are showing up in the Wemo App, unplug the ones that are not appearing and do a factory restore of your devices one at a time. Brightness/Dimmer is fine though. TP-Link smart plugs and bulbs are easy to use, responsive, and reliable. These dimmers do require connection to a neutral wire, which is often not available in older construction. TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch/Dimmer. In most cases, turning things off at the switch renders your smart bulbs … TP-Link's dimmer has physical +/- buttons. I have a Smarthings hub, 1 HS220 and 4 HS105s. Page 7 Set Up Your Smart 3-Way Switch Kit Follow the steps below to set up your Smart 3-Way Switch Kit via Kasa for Mobile … A smart switch can simply tie into the white neutral wires to complete the circuit and get a source of power to keep the radios in the switch working at all times. Seems to work pretty nicely! TP-LINK HS110 - Power usage for washing machine. But since my wife and I both have iPhones, i was also keen to see if I could get them to work with HomeKit. IMPORTANT: Working devices should remain plugged in while restoring the other devices. I'm working on replacing the dimmer switches in my house with smart dimmer switches and have run into a wiring issue. Then install and secure your dimmer after the wiring. I returned mind yesterday, not that they arent working but i got them in a bag packaging with each dimmer wrapped in soft foam material.